About Stephen

CFO & Partner

After receiving his B.S. in Finance from Youngstown State University, Steve followed the expected path and worked as a local bank manager in Ohio for several years. Although he enjoyed his career, he realized that his true passion was for food and hospitality, which he learned from his Italian grandmother, and he made the decision to change careers. In 2002, he moved to Colorado to attend Johnson & Wales and received his A.S. in Culinary Arts.

While at Johnson & Wales, he ‘staged’ at Mizuna and was fortunate to apprentice under Frank Bonanno and Alex Sidel. After graduation, Steve accepted a position with Bonanno Concepts at Luca D’ Italia, working as a line cook alongside Justin Brunson. They developed a friendship and started creating a business plan for their own restaurant focused on their individual strengths, talents and love of great food. The dream to offer sandwiches boasting high quality ingredients, generous portions, and house-made meats lead to the birth of Masterpiece Delicatessen and the start of many more ventures to follow.

Steve has transitioned out of the kitchen and now focuses on the financial aspects of Brunson & Co. ensuring the company continues with it’s mission of providing great food and hospitality to guests, friends and family.

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