This excerpt is from an article originally published December 12, 2017, by Ken Holloway.

The Reuben sandwich is said to have been invented just over a hundred years ago, in either Omaha, Nebraska, or New York City (depending on whose story you believe). The hot sandwich is an imposing stack of corned beef (or, less frequently, pastrami), sauerkraut, Russian dressing, melted Swiss cheese and grilled rye bread. To be great, a Reuben must start with great ingredients and be well-composed, well-balanced in flavor and texture, and cooked expertly. Here in Denver, master sandwich crafters from all over the country — East Coast, West Coast, Midwest and even the heart of Texas — and from right here in Colorado are making exceptional Reubens in delis, sandwich shops, diners and taverns; some are pure classics, and others are inspired interpretations. Here are the ten best Reuben sandwiches in Denver.

Masterpiece Delicatessen

1575 Central Street
(303) 561-3354
Getting ready to celebrate ten years in business, Masterpiece Deli is the place to go for “fine dining between bread.” According to founder Justin Brunson (who knows a little about fine dining beyond the bread, too), there were always places around town where you could get a great sandwich, but there wasn’t a place where you could find many different great sandwiches under one roof — so he created Masterpiece Deli to be that place. The Reuben here is what you get when you combine the best ingredients, a great recipe, and masterful execution. The corned beef is sliced super-thin and nearly melts in your mouth. The rich flavor is juxtaposed with tangy sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing. The whole thing is robed in Emmenthaler cheese and held together with perfectly grilled thick-cut rye from the Grateful Bread company. If a sandwich could be called a work of art, this is it. “Every sandwich on the menu is a 10,” Brunson claims. Based on the Reuben alone, we find it hard to disagree.