Originally published in March 2017 by Allyson Reedy.

Rocky Mountain Charcuterie will open at 38th Ave. and Steele St. in mid-September

Justin Brunson, owner of Old Major and Masterpiece Deli, is really making a play for Denver’s Master of Meat title. (We’re sure this exists, and we imagine the pork crown is awesome.)

Brunson will open Rocky Mountain Charcuterie, a Denver-based meat production facility that will slice and dice local deli meats, bacon, sausage and whole muscle cuts sourced from family farms and ranchers.

“We’re really excited to bring a local meat brand; Denver deserves that,” Brunson told The Post. “I’ve kind of been known as the meat guy here in Denver, but we had a hard time sourcing local meat products. We’re excited to see this five year project coming to fruition.”

Rocky Mountain Charcuterie will open at 38th Ave. and Steele St. this fall. The packaged products will be sold wholesale to grocery stores and restaurants, so you’ll be able to take home a pack of Brunson’s best ham.

And who doesn’t want Brunson’s best ham?

In other Brunson news, he re-tooled the menu at Masterpiece Kitchen in Lowry, replacing the burger and sandwich fast casual concept with artfully-created seasonal shared plates – but still at a decent price point. “I cooked on the line one night and thought, ‘I hate cooking cheeseburgers. Why do I own a restaurant I don’t want to eat at?’”Brunson said.

So he brought in cooks from Old Major, his fine dining restaurant, and created an elevated menu of more sophisticated bites. Nothing costs more than $15, and that includes a super-tender poblano-sauced steak and buttermilk fried chicken with cornbread.

To complement the new menu, Masterpiece Kitchen will undergo a remodel, doubling its indoor seating and refreshing the overall look and feel.