Back by popular demand!

Another special evening of meat and cider is coming your way. Tuesday, August 15th, Culture Meat and Cheese, purveyors of the RiNo famous ‘meat cones’ at The Denver Central Market is pairing up four Old Major cured meats with four Stem Ciders, just for you:

Old Major Saucisson Saison Salami // Real Dry

Saucisson, or “saucisson sec,” is a variety of thick, dry cured sausage that originates in France. Typically made of pork, or a mixture of pork and other meats, saucisson are a type of charcuterie similar to salami or summer sausage. Finished with a local saison beer.

Old Major Country Pate // Pear Cider

Forcemeat made from Pork, Chicken Liver, Allspice, Nutmeg, Black Pepper, Parsley and Brandy.

Black Pepper/Sorghum // Hopped

The process is all Italian, but the flavors are all Southern. An amazing twist on the classic salami. Finished with sorghum syrup, which provides a wonderful earthy, sour flavor profile.

Calabrese // Crabby Neighbor

The Calabria region is known for spicy foods, including the all-important Calabrese salami, also known as pepperoni. The Creminelli version is spicy but not overwhelming making it ideal as a pepperoni for pizza.

$20 gets you a taste of each. No reservations necessary. Pairings begin at 6pm. First come first serve, plan to get here early as we will run out!